2019 Special Awards

Spirit of Discovery & Imagination Award

"Spirit of DI"

For exceptional Spirit, Teamwork, Volunteerism and Sportsmanship

On Target:

Parkside 3 - Managed by Jason & Stacie Cary

We would like to nominate Parkside 3 for a Spirit of DI award for their teamwork and attitude in adverse conditions. The team showed that although things were falling apart around them, they worked well together and improvised well - both their presentation and technical operation.

Even after the presentation was done, the team was all smiles and continued to enjoy the event despite many struggles. Their attitude was unmatched.

Game On

Chandler Oaks : Pugicorns managed by Helen Artz Patton

Team worked very well together to solve a major issue with their container. With only 15 minutes, they repaired their container and re-organized part of their design. When their container broke, they lost pieces and then used duct tape and teamwork. During the whole process, they were always patient with each other and included everyone's ideas.

Heads Up

West HS - Just Add Water managed by David & Laurie Truitt

This team was very interactive and had deep synchrony. The enthusiasm was off the charts because they would naturally anticipate their individual actions. Improvisation was exceled through precise examples and not one person took charge. They were like birds in a flock. We felt the heart of DI from their heart and we could not stop the emotion from flowing. Their positive energy was felt from the moment they entered the room.

Monster Effects

Lake Air Montessori - Lake Air Leopards managed by Samantha Lemere

This team came in and it was obvious their structure didn't meet any of the requirements. It was a creative structure but there was no way to modify it. They started from scratch. They took apart the original and used what they could. They asked the team manager for paper. The team had duct tape and started to create. Never did they think of giving up. One stated "let's not get negative". One member took lead directing but everyone contrbuted. Tape was torn in MacGyver style. They used the scale & pole repeatively to test their new structure. Then they made more modifications. After the structure passed, they celebrated with each other and were proud of their accomplishments. They left the room excited to head to the room & just in the knick of time!!

The Renaissance Award

For Outstanding Design, Engineering or Performance

Medical Mystery:

Walsh MS - The 4gotten Fairytale managed by Charita Upadhyaya

The team designed a storybook backdrop where each page revealed a new scene. For example, the garden scene had a lot of unique design materials such as ivy made of packing material. Then the ivy opened up to reveal a carriage that was decorated with repuposed silk and spray painted pasta. Additionally, the costumes were specifically designed to transform from a smock into an evening gown with one single motion.

Game On:

Independent - Small But Powerful managed by P. Lynne Latombe and Priti Motwani

This team utilized knowledge of hydraulics systems throughout their presentation. We saw hydraulics used to raise a crystal ball and spin a decision-making device. They also used electrical engineering to create a flashing light device that flshed the number of the roll, after which the players would "travel" that number. Another creative element was their use of a three piece pvc pipe container that spun to create various scenes. One of the futuristic city/phone booth and another, of a jungle with a 30 tree made of packing peanuts.Teamwork and ingenuity and creativity was evident through every element of this challenge.

Round Rock ISD Multi-campus - We don't get distrac - ooh, pizza! managed by Priya & Michael Arunkumar

This team used several technical innovations in their presentation. Including motion sensors, lights, magnets and springs. They incorporated wooden planks to enhance the sound of their tap dance. All of their innovations were creative and integrated seamlessly into their presentation. Well done! They also created magical stick puppets and a snake puppet that was built into a costume.

Heads Up:

Patsy Sommer Elem - DI Dragons managed by Jayashree Savur and Madhumati Junnare

This team was very well researched from beginning to end. The examples were spontaneous and with no hesitation. The choreography was so well performed and flawless; from including gynastics to dance. The team learned a dance for each character and were in sync. The verbal technique unique for every scene. For example, if DaVinci was painting his voice was deep and slow then when DaVinci was creating a machine his voice was loud and specific. Audience was captivated the whole time with anticipation and breathtaken. Quick to improve and adjust for sychrony.

Monster Effects:

Steiner Ranch 2 - Seven Sassy Savage Smiley Faces managed by Cindy Reynolds and Daniel Altiere

Impressive effect that was both technical and theatrical and was built using components that didn't require a raspberry pi or arduimo. they had interactive props such as their food wall which was opened during the presentation. We also appreciated the outstanding quality on their data form submission. Ecellent detail and clarity. Quality of costumes with unique twists such as coffee filter skirt, including clean and also :coffee stained" filters. The quality of the acting, especially the robot who used his robot voice and mannerism throughout the performance.

Cypress 2 - The Flying Smarties mnaged by Shirisha Reddy

This group incorporated so many pieces in such a fluid way. They integrated separate pieces to come together to empahsize their solution to the end. Their attention to detail helped highlight the components that showed their overall process of their project. The elements were thoughtfully placed to be utilized in varying ways with them and connecting us to their project.

The DaVinci Award

For Outstanding Creativity

Medical Mystery

Canyon Ridge MS 2 - Hot Dogs managed by Bob Riley

The double vision of the brain portrayed the thought process in a really creative way. Through song and dance, they had a team representing the brain in a pink morph suit battle with a virus portrayed by another team member. Because a cure was not found, the brain and the virus had to co-exist. All these elements were incorporated within an Alice in Wonderland concept. It was highly creative to see the use of song and dance portrayed in a scientific challenge.

Game On:

West Ave EL - Just us Girls and Sam managed by Sonya Ashford

The team's one all performance included several truly creative aspects:

1. The quality of the characters especially the younger sister and fraggled mom and their interaction with the older sister.

2. Sam's character's nose and how it was made with hot glue and the removal of the fabric.

3. Their solution parts and special effects integrated with their story to an exceptional degree.

Patsy Sommer EL - DI Titans managed by Madhumati Junnare and Niharika Pradham

This team displayed amazing ingenuity and creativity by utilizing a rolling screen and projector in their presentation. The rolling screen was representative of a Mario bros. video game. it looked like a brick wall with question blocks and was used in conjunction with puppets to portray a movement through a level. They worked as a team to pull/roll the screen through a Mario game level scene. They also made a projector w/a flashlight, magnifying glass and see through picture to display Mario locked in a castle to represent the point of view of a gender flipped story. Why should only girls get rescued?

Monster Effects

Independent - The Luminously Ludicrous Youths managed by Randi Tran & Mari Reed

A bold and well executed musical comedy about a brain tumor which was completely unique, unexpected and exceptionally creative.

The presentation was a cohesive and inspiring story that dealt with complex humanistic issues like dyslexia and brain function. It inspired empathy while moving through the steps of the challenge in a way that was clear and integrated with the goals of the challenge.

The inter-woven layers of the story covered a multi-dimensional scale from a human level, into the brain and down to a tumor.

The Torchbearer Award

For teams that have had extraordinary impact in and beyond their communities

Escape Artists

Whitestone 1 - Quirky Queens managed by Suzi Simmons and Jennifer Voith

The Quirky Queens tackled a situation that no child should have to deal with - the terminal illness of a parent and the mental anguish it leaves them with, represented by a deep, black menacing monster created with botte caps. The team took control of the monster's persistent infliction by using coping mechanisms given to them by Wonders and Worries; a pediatric counseling organization geared towards helping children with parents who have died or have a terminal illness. The team raised money and continues to raise funds to support Winders and Worries to help bare the burden that no child should have to carry.